Digital Capture at the Age Lab

My first digital scribing gig was through Kelvy Bird and her partnership, dPict. Kelvy saw me do digital recording at the IFVP conference, and when the MIT Age Lab asked her to provide the same sort of service at their annual member meeting, she thought I would be a great fit. 

For this conference, the Age Lab designed a roundtable discussion focused on how the sharing/on-demand economy will impact the lives of the aging population. They brought together leaders from both large established companies like AARP, USAA and CVS Health, among others, with start ups like Lyft, Hello Alfred, Honor, and AirBNB that promise to disrupt the business and lifestyle of the elderly and their caregivers. There were several focused discussions, each opened and facilitated by one representative from a traditional and new economy representative. I was set up on my iPad to capture the flow and content throughout the day. 

My set up before the session began. 

My set up before the session began. 

I recorded one journal page for each section of the agenda, and had so much great content to capture! The conversation was fascinating, and I learned so much by being a fly on the wall (or on a humongous projector screen). I was concerned that the scale of my capture would be somewhat distracting for the participants, but I received great feedback that having my notes display live was a fun way to track and enhance the conversation. 

I created a gallery to share all of the different pages of content below. Hover over each image to read a quick description, and click on the image itself to view the larger format on Twitter. 

All in all, my first gig was a great success. I couldn't have asked for more interesting content, and Joe and the folks at the AgeLab were thrilled with the result.