Month 1 of Catherine Madden LLC

Just about four weeks have passed since I left my job at Deloitte. I haven't accomplished quite as much as I'd hoped, but life happens and you just do your best to keep moving forward. Here's a summary of my excitement, distraction, and anxiety levels over the course of these weeks with some key events that contributed to these things. We are just trying to enjoy the ride as much as possible along these waves.  

Jury duty seems like the worst ever, until your beloved pet gets hurt :(

Jury duty seems like the worst ever, until your beloved pet gets hurt :(

At this point, business and life aren't really separate things. You can see in my quick viz that a couple negative things happened this month.  First I got selected to serve on a jury trial that lasted a full week which prevented me from making any significant progress on my website and other stuff. Then, the following week my pup herniated a disc and spent a couple nights in the ICU. (She's doing much better now!) Despite these things, the positives have far outweighed the negatives, so here is a quick list of highlights: 

  1. Crushing it at my first official gig
  2. Hanging out with friends at DataWheel and brainstorming ways to take over the world
  3. Setting up a great workspace in my house and having friends over for coffee & snacks
  4. Cashing out on 300 hours of unused vacation 
  5. Trying out many different apps that will help me with business stuff*
  6. Getting invited to an iPad Pro Sneak Preview event in NYC
  7. "Hanging out" (being in close proximity) with T-Pain and Just Blaze at said preview event
  8. Getting re-tweeted by T-Pain after said event
  9. Going by the Skillshare offices to check out a preview of my course
  10. Making delicious smoothies most days for lunch

Next week my Skillshare class goes live. Both FiftyThree and Skillshare will be marketing to all of their subscribers on my behalf-- I have no idea what's in store, and I kind of love it! 

Last thing I thought would be fun to share-- my first YouTube video! Like I said, I'm trying all kinds of new things these days. 

* By the way, I have a business idea for anyone who is interested. There should really be a "Startup Kit for Startups" that gives you all of the things you need from legal documentation, bank accounts, accounting software, website and social media platforms, etc. Does this already exist? If so, I'm not sure I want to know about it at this point.