Book Report: Big Magic

I recently finished reading (i.e. listening to) "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. She has a perspective on creativity that speaks differently than many of the other more "practicalbooks that I have read on the topic. I thought about writing a review, and then I realized there are probably plenty of those out there already. Also, what do I know about writing a book review?

Instead, I jotted down a few of my favorite quotes while listening, and then tried drawing these quotes in different ways as a creative exercise. Here are a few: 

When I was almost finished, I went online to find a couple of other quotes that I had trouble navigating to in the audio book. Then I found this, a collection of beautifully rendered quotes from the book, probably created as part of her marketing team for Pinterest bait. My first reaction is was disappointment. Why did I waste time doing something seemingly unproductive when this had already been done? But then I remembered this quote on multiple discovery:

Such is the bizarre unearthly contract of creative living. There is no theft, there is no ownership, there is no tragedy, there is no problem. There is no time or space where inspiration comes from and also no competition, no ego, no limitations.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

I come across this feeling time to time when I encounter other individuals who seem to have similar business ideas, talents, and work products. It is usually short lived as I remember that feeling threatened or competitive will not help me in any way. I'd rather think of the work that I am doing as an important part of this thing that is much bigger than me.