You Need to Bookmark DataUSA

Are browser bookmarks still a thing? I don't think I have used them in years, but DataUSA is a site that I think I will reference a LOT. 

Data USA is was created by MIT Media Lab's spinoff startup Datawheel, and was funded by Deloitte. The site provides an open and easy to use platform that turns publicly available government data into knowledge. It was featured in the New York Times and Fast Company shortly after launching in April 2016. 

I was lucky enough to be involved in this project for a very short period of time just before leaving my position at Deloitte, and am thrilled to see where it has come since our UX Workshop last summer. I was asked to join a full-day meeting involving all of the stakeholders to provide guidance on the UX and get the group on one page. This was so much fun for me because it combined many of my favorite things: incredibly smart people, visual facilitation, UX, and Data Visualization. 

Scroll through the gallery below to read more about how the workshop went down.