Sketchtnote Army Podcast

In case you missed it, I was this week's featured guest on Mike Rohde's Sketchnote Army podcast. I was honored to be invited as his third ever guest for the show, and really enjoyed our conversation. Over the past year or two several people that I have met in the field of data visualization or visual thinking have told me that I should connect with Mike because we would have a lot to talk about...they were right! You can listen to the full podcast through the link above, on SoundCloud, on the Sketchnote Army website, or subscribe through iTunes

Before our call, Mike sent me a few of the questions he planned to ask. I decided to sketch out my answers to the podcast in the spirit of visual thinking-- it was very helpful to get me focused and really examine the different pieces of my life that have fallen into place over time that have put me on the path I am now. It was really nice to filter what I wanted to share towards an audience of people who "get it"-- if you are listening to the Sketchnote Army podcast I think it is safe to assume you have some level of appreciation for the power of visual thinking. 

Mike has done an amazing thing by creating the Sketchnote Army movement and community. His books and other resources are amazing, and I would highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter if you want to get a few freebies and some eye candy in your inbox every so often. 

And Mike did a great job collecting notes and links from our conversation, so I'm pasting them here as well: