Tapestry 2016 Recap

Update: The 2016 Tapestry videos have been posted and you can find my talk embedded below. 

First things first: Here are my sketchnotes from the conference. The speakers all had very different styles, which made it a fun challenge to try and capture the entire thing in a cohesive way. 

Next up, the slides from my talk, "The Power of Drawing (the verb) in Visual Storytelling"

And here is the video of my talk in case you'd like to see it in action. **UPDATE: The video is having trouble loading, but you can find it on the Tapestry 2016 Archive Page

Special thanks to Andy Cotgreave who did some sketchnotes of his own during my talk! 

And here are a few more fun tweets about my talk or sketchnoting: 

Major thanks to the folks at Tableau who put on such a fantastic event! I look forward to this conference more than any others throughout the year and it did not disappoint.