SKETCHNOTES Make you Smarter. 

When you take notes visually, instead of with your computer, you can achieve the following benefits: 

  • Improve your listening and synthesizing skills
  • Enhance your ability to remember things that people said
  • Boost your confidence at the whiteboard
  • Untap your hidden creative side

Interested in learning more? 

In my one-hour Sketchnotes class on Skillshare, I teach students how to:  

  • Improve your handwriting
  • Draw icons and diagrams with ease
  • Listen for key messages and capture them visually
  • Organize information on page so it is easy to read

Plus, I demonstrate both analog and digital formats if you are interested in learning how I use Paper app by FiftyThree to create digital sketchnotes. If you aren't already a premium subscriber to Skillshare, the link below provides you with your first month free!