Build Your Visual Skills! 


I believe that visual thinking and visual communication are essential skills in today's workplace. I have taught hundreds of non-designers how to use and apply these skills in their every day work. Read below to learn more about how! 

Online Courses

I have created three visual thinking courses and published them Skillshare to share the benefits of drawing your ideas. 


Drawing Data

Join over 10,000 other students in my FREE 60-min. class demystifying how drawing can help you communicate ideas clearer, faster, and stronger. We draw everyday data into friendly stories and charts, you'll learn how a few simple moves can help you organize your ideas, extend your brainstorming, and communicate complex concepts simply (and effectively) to audiences of every size.


In this one-hour class, I demonstrate techniques for creatively and visually summarizing content in a way that helps you process and retain the information. If you have been in a classroom, on a conference call, or watched a TED talk, but you can’t seem to remember the key points, visual note taking (also known as sketchnoting) can open up your mind in new and exciting ways.


Re-think the résumé! Whether you are actually seeking a new job, or just need a better way to explain to your mom what it is you do for a living, this class will help you come up with fun, interesting, and impactful charts and visuals that communicate your professional or personal journey. I promise you will learn a lot about yourself, and you don't have to actually share it with anyone. 

In-Person Workshops

My workshops, just like my other services, are highly interactive, visual, and fun! We can explore one or several of my teaching threads, which include similar modules but are focused on different themes. Not sure what is right for you? Check out the framework below to see where you and your team fit in. 

Interested in scheduling a visual thinking workshop or coaching services?