The Design Sprint


All of our data design projects start with a 2-3 week sprint. At the end of the sprint you will know where to go and can decide whether or not you would like us to help you design the final product from there. 

Why a design sprint? With any visionary idea, It's easy to get lost in the data, the technology, and nitty gritty tasks and miss the mark when it comes to what is most important: connecting your ideas to your users/audience.  

How does it work? 

Every project is unique, but there are a few common steps. After an initial call, we kick off the three-week journey with a 3-4 hour workshop to better understand your idea, your goals, your audience, and your data. After the workshop and a few follow up meetings, we compile the ideas generated into a detailed strategy package which helps you understand where you need to go, and how to get there. If you need help executing the strategy, we got you covered (just scroll down!) 

Catherine’s unique brand of facilitation helped us bridge the communication gap between our small tech company and the corporate world of our clients.
— Dave Landry, Founder, DataWheel

Data Storytelling

Once we've completed the sprint, if you like our ideas and want us to build them, we will get to work. The final story could take any number of forms-- from a simple infographic, to an interactive website, to a clever animation. Depending on which sprint concept you decide to execute, we will assemble a team to deliver the story.

Just like the strategy session, the design process is very hands-on and visual. First we will review sketch concepts, and over a series of weekly touch points we will refine and test the designs as they evolve and are made real in code.  

Catherine Madden represents a huge skillset that is relevant and ever helpful in the visual storytelling/Analytics world. Catherine has big consulting experience wrapped in a powerful, easy to work with style and approach. She truly gets it— our company and our clients. She is a triple threat!
— Scott Williams, CEO Maga Design

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