Do you have
Big Ideas?

I love working with visionary individuals and teams who have deep understanding of a topic, but who need help relaying the story to others. The Relay approach blends visual facilitation, user experience design, and data visualization expertise into three services that empowers clients to connect with their audiences and have fun in the process. 


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In-person UX workshops where we align ideas, users, and data into a big picture vision and timeline. 


Creative direction that is laser focused on executing your strategy and connecting with your audience. 

Skill building in the form of in-person group workshops, one-on-one coaching, and online courses.

Catherine Madden is without question the best real-time data-visualizer I have ever met. Her combination of creative problem-solving skills, extensive in-the-trenches consulting experience, and artistic confidence should be the standard to which all twenty-first century consultants aspire.
— Dan Roam, International Bestselling Author